Do We Have a Problem With Military Training? Competency and Demands From High-Tech Equipment

One of the most important things in a high-tech military is making sure everything is working right, and then you must make sure you train the personnel properly. Unfortunately, that's not easy in times of budget cuts. Operational readiness is key, are we in the US ready? Some say we are and some say we are not and maybe it depends. Depends on what you ask? Depends on the unit, type of equipment, amount being absent in training and the number of decent IQ people signing up for our military to operate those specialized high-tech tools. Let's talk.

Over the years, I've watched the deterioration of our operational readiness at a time when the equipment is becoming more and more sophisticated. Today, our new personnel spend most of their time in training learning about all these new systems in order to be ready, but are they ready? Ready to operate in the chaotic realm of a real conflict – you see, in battle things go wrong, and there is not the forgiveness there is during peace time. In a conflict you improve and adapt, deal with what you have and work to achieve the goal; victory over the adversary. We need to continue to practice to make perfect, that goes without saying – however that also costs money.

Simulators help too, but as real as they appear they are not the real environment. In the real world you do not get do-overs. If our team is not good enough to think on their feet and deal in the real realm then all the training with computers, class room time, lectures, and book learning will not suffice. If we want failure then we are well on our way if we start neglecting real live training. That means in the field war games, ship cruises, live fire, and lots of flight time for the pilots. It takes people power, it takes fuel, it takes time, and it costs big bucks. If we cut costs in the military – then that will take away from the military's readiness – so not only are we "hollowing out" our core, we will not have enough know-how to work with what's left.

It is evident by the mistakes we see, the accidents, the damaged equipment and disregard for excellence that our military is losing its traditions, chain of command, seriousness, and focus. We need a complete 180-degree fix, and we need it now. Our volunteer military knows, they see what's going on and now it is affecting moral. Our military has become so "politically correct" and starved for the readiness resources it needs that we need to now start backing off some of our core beliefs in the world and our politicians have to run around and play kissy-face with two-bit dictators because we do not have what it takes to lay down the letter of the law. Our allies do not trust our support and our enemies no longer fear us.

I am not okay with this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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