Do You Know the 5 Smallest Reasons You Fail?

1. We fail when we do not take the right actions. Our thoughts and feelings are not in tune with reality so we take actions not based on the truth of any situation.

2. If you do not have well defined written goals then you will not have a strong enough reason to reach any goal. You do not have a clear "big why" to achieve your goal.

3. Not having a step by step plan means little of no success. You must have a clear success strategy to win. If you do not know where you are going, how will you know when you have arrived? This way you see progress and it is easier to reward yourself.

4. People create goals that are too big. These become crushing weights on our thoughts and feelings. You can dream big but just try to get there using smaller and controllable tasks.

5. Most people keep giving up on their dreams too soon. They smother their fondest dreams. And by suppressing their dreams they start becoming cynical and discouraged. Without having hope in a big dream people often became depressed.

We all fail at times. We can disappoint ourselves and others. Most people fall short of their dreams.

But a few failures are not something which you should allow to neutralize and stop you. Viewing any letdown as a real learning process reduces the effects of failure. We all make mistakes. So you screwed up? So what! Just look for what you learned from your failure and move on.

Source by Richard J. Stec

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