How To Play FarmVille and Impress Your Friends With a Cool Farm

If you’re new to this game or planning to start to play this game, I have good news for you! It’s far not one of those games that will give you a headache and its main goal is socializing. So, first I’m going to answer a very basic question about this game – how to play FarmVille?

How to play FarmVille

To be able to play this game you’ll be needing a Facebook account. If you don’t have one already, it’s not hard to get yourself a profile on this popular site, it’s free and you’ll also make a lot of friends.

Once your FB account is ready, go to the games section and create a new FarmVille profile. You will start up with a 12×12 plowable surface, and a few strawberries and eggplants ready to be harvested.

Once you harvest these, the you must use the plow tool to ready the land for the next harvest. Don’t plow too much squares because it costs coins which you’ll need to buy seeds.

This brings me to the FarmVille currency, which is made from FV cash and FV coins.

FV coins grown on trees, this type of currency is obtained from every harvest and required to buy most of the seeds.

FV cash is a limited money resource and it’s needed for most of the cool stuff and features that you can buy for your farm. This currency is earned very hard, in fact there are only a few ways to make FV cash in game, and even then it comes in small amounts.

Both FarmVille currencies can be purchased with real money.

Once you’ve learned how to plow the land, plant seeds and trees, purchase animals to harvest them and also acquire structures and vehicles, all you need to rinse and repeat. However, if you want to learn how to play FarmVille at best, it’s important to always invest wisely.

Tips to play FarmVille effectively from the start

1. Get many neighbors. You can ask your current Facebook friends to be your FarmVille neighbors if they also play this game. Neighbors are very important because without them you cannot gain access to many structures and upgrades. Also, they can come to your farm and fertilize your crops.

2. Manage your FV cash resources properly. This currency is hard to get. Therefore, the best investment for FV cash, at the beginning, is to expand your farm.

3. Invest in vehicles. A tractor for example, will allow you to plow 4 squares at the time, which will facilitate your daily chores by a lot. Keep in mind though, that any vehicle consumes fuel, so manage this resource wisely as well, because it’s limited and costs FV cash to acquire.


Not many players know how to play FarmVille effectively, so they make huge mistakes that will hinder their farm development by a lot. To minimize the volume of my mistakes, I’ve been working with a FarmVille guide. I want to recommend it to everyone because it’s simply awesome!

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