Why You Should Choose a Structured Settlement Annuity Payment

If you are the recipient of a structured settlement order, then you know that there are several options open for you when it comes to receiving compensation. One route that may be the best for you is to go with the structured settlement annuity payment. Here's a few reasons why this may be the most beneficial course of action for you.

First of all, if you are receiving money from a fixed annuity that is the result of some sort of legal action, be it a settlement arrived at by arbitration or litigation, the payments will be tax free in just about all instances. In effect, you will have a regular source of income that is all yours and does not have to be accounted for in your calculations of how much state and federal income tax you owe. This can greatly simplify your taxes for each calendar year.

Second, a structured settlement annuity payment provides you with a consistent and reliable source of income. No matter what other issues you may have in your life, you can depend on the payments to show up like clockwork. This can be a great situation for someone who has always wanted to try his or her hand at starting a business, but never could because of the need to provide income for the family. Having that regular payment coming in helps to insulate you from changes in the job market, and all sorts of unexpected situations.

The fact is that a structured settlement annuity payment is a cut and dried manner of receiving the money that is owed to you. You can depend on the money coming in at regular intervals until the settlement amount has been disbursed, so you can use it to support yourself while you build other sources of income or you can choose to invest it as you receive the payments. And through it all, the money is tax-free. For many people, this is the ideal situation.

Source by Mayoor Patel

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