Will Downloadable Beats Samples Create More Competition in the Music Industry?

Have you been wondering how the use of beats samples and premade ideas might affect the intensity of the competition in the music industry? If not, there are some things that you should be considering in order to make sure that you do not get left behind as a songwriter. While sure it is not the technology that makes or breaks an artist, the use of premed samples drums tracks can actually make a big difference in your ability to communicate your ideas and build your own personal style. One thing is for sure, if you are not using these tools you are at a slight disadvantage which is something that is never good in an industry as competitive as the record business.

So the question is whether or not the use of premated beats samples is going to create more competition in the music industry. The answer is that whether it is or not, worrying about the competition it could be a certain way to ensure that you might never make your mark as an artist. Even as you are reading this, there are hundreds of samples drums tracks and premedal instrumental tracks being created and uploaded for artists to use and to share. But is this going to devalue the gift of creativity and level the playing field even for songwriters who can not or will not create their own ideas?

The first thing to consider is that genius can never be replaced or duplicated and that is never going to change. That was true back in the day of Bach and Beethoven when the harpsichord and the piano were at the cutting edge technology and it is true in the days of the modern masters such as Dr. Dre, T-Pain and DJ Jazzy Jeff whose arsenals include instruments like the Ableton Live loop based sequencer, the Korg M50 and Logic Studio. No matter how many beats samples and advanced technologies are available; the mark of true genius is the artist who can use these tools to effectively communicate their ideas to their audience.

So how did the great geniuses of yesterday and those of today cultivate their genius and boost themselves to the level of superstardom? One thing that you'll find they all have in common is that they are seldom worried about what the competition is doing, and that is what makes all of the difference. Instead, they follow an inner flow of creativity and inspiration that blazes its own trail without being led astray by the pull of the current trends within the music industry. This was true with the masters of yesterday and it is true today with the artists who are standing head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd.

In a way, the words one the business pioneer JC Penny hold true in regard to success in the music industry: "The merchant who devotes himself to the service of the public has nothing to fear from the competition." The only difference in the case of the music industry is that you devote yourself to the service of your inner source of creativity and inspiration. If you do this, the use of tools like premed beats samples and instrumental tracks are simply weapons which you can add to your songwriting arsenal instead of crutches to lean on due to a lack of stability in your creative flow.

Source by Bruce B Parker

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