World of Warcraft – The True Secret to Earning Gold

We have all seen the spam floating around in major cities in World of Warcraft. Some character with a name consistent of randomly typed characters is spouting off about buying gold at this site or buying gold at that site.

For most of us this kind of thing is annoying to say the least. To be totally honest the thing that has always puzzled me is why someone would spend real world, hard earned cash for virtual currency. I have been playing World of Warcraft since early in the beta stage and have never had a problem approaching gold. There are just too many gold alert opportunities to warrant spending real money.

The one thing that you really need to learn at an early stage in World of Warcraft, any other game, or real life for that matter is that people are lazy. They would rather someone to do work for them than do it themselves. This is the thing that you need to learn to take advantage of.

To be successful in alerting large amounts of gold in World of Warcraft you must be willing to put time in. Gold does not fall out of the sky or magically appear in your bank account. It takes some time and some honest diplomacy.

The biggest secret is farming things that other people need or want but are too lazy to go out and get. Use this secret and a few others to provide materials and items for others and you will ensure that your bank account is always growing.

Source by Lee Ruleman

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